e-Pigeon logistics Pvt. Ltd, are the Logistics service providers. We manage the flow of things from the point of origin to the point of consumption to meet the needs of corporation or customers. Nowadays logistics management has become a part of supply chain management which needs to be planned, implemented and control the effective, efficient and reverse flow of goods,  services, and the relative information from the point of origin to the point of consumption in order to meet customer’s requirements.

We constantly strive for better development, better ways to do business, whether that is by expanding our network of warehouses and branches, increasing the number of services we provide. This dynamic mindset of “Reaching Out” to our customers and meet their expectations. We commit to our customers to provide them with the complete as well as dedicated and efficient logistics solutions towards all their need. E-Pigeon logistic Pvt. Ltd. will constantly keep endeavouring to be the most preferred logistic solution provider across India. We look forward to enhancing the customer satisfaction by using the innovating technology, our competent management team and by implementing the quality management systems.

We currently have our offices in four major cities of India that is Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, and Mumbai. Our Headquarter is located in Delhi.  We provide logistic services currently at a few locations in India other than the four cities. We are well commenced with the type of services we offer to our customers.

Such as –

  • Instant delivery – We offer Instant delivery service to our customers or corporations in case of some emergency. Instant delivery is the services done instantly as per the customer’s requirements. We collect the delivery box from our customer to drop it to the given address. The time consumed here is comparatively very less as it is just the traveling time taken by the delivery agent to pick up and drop the parcel.
  • 24 hours service – Our services are 24/7 available for our customers. As per our customer conveniences we get our services up and running, assign a delivery agent and the rest is taken care by us. The customer can leave rest on us until we complete the task.
  • Intracity deliveries – This is special type of delivery and we are most experienced in this type of delivery. We assure you in major cities, we can pick and deliver within 4 hours especially in Metropolitan cities.
  • 4 hours delivery – We specially four-hour delivery services to our customers. Once the customer requests us for the services, an agent in been assigned who would pick up the delivery parcel and drop it to the required destination by the customer. Once the order is been picked up the guaranteed delivery time is 4 hours.
  • Express delivery – It is simply a faster delivery than the usual time taken for the delivery. This delivery is given a priority and it has fewer tops or no stops to the final destination of delivery, they are also intended to use for fast movement.
  • Economy delivery – This is a cost-benefit delivery service. The customer will be charged low cost as compared to the other delivery services. Such delivery orders are dispatched generally by the means of roads, ships, railways transportation.
  • Fastest delivery – The delivery agent tries to complete the delivery as soon as possible. We consider such orders as priority orders and hence such order is given the priority to be delivered as fast as possible.
  • Online tracking – Our customers can track their delivery order anytime and from anywhere. They can simply signup to our web portal and punch in the tracking id given to them while handing over the order to us. The user will get the exact location of where their order has reached.