e-Pigeon logistics Pvt. Ltd also offers intercity – delivery services commonly also known as Intercity Express Delivery service. Such delivery service is generally carried by roadways and railways. Intercity delivery services can be completed with few hours, on the same day or it might even take a few days depending upon the distance to be traveled. Things that we deliver are box packaging, letters, food items, household furniture or art things. Such services are generally carried for orders who do not weight more than 50 kgs-70kgs. The cost pricing for InterCity delivery service is based upon the distance covered in kilometers, total weight of the order, mode of transportation i.e. Railways or Roadways.

The advantage of intercity delivery services is that a client can send the order and it would be delivered within a few days to their customers. This mode of transportation is faster as compared to waterways of transport. One can even track their order, if it has dispatched from the local warehouse, has it reached the intercity warehouse, has it dispatched for the customers delivery address, etc. e-pigeon logistic pvt ltd makes it really easy for its clients to deliver the order to their customers. They have a large scale of trading with continuous growth in the logistic industry.