IT has been playing a very important role in our life lately. Information Technology is not just helping us in the technology department but in many other fields. Logistic service-based industries have a huge support from IT to solve the issue and make everything easy and simple for the companies as well as for its customers. Previously people were unaware if their parcel in been delivered. Hence, from the support of the IT industry, logistic industries have now got the facility to put everything online and update their customers about the delivery status of the order.

These days a customer can simply sign-up on the company’s portal and punch in the tracking id allotted by the company to track their orders. Another way that IT has played an important role with logistics companies are by given them a support of technology to maintain their warehouse details. A logistics company would have huge storage in their warehouse and it is difficult for the companies to hold every detail manually hence IT has developed such IT solutions for Logistics where such companies can keep a proper track of their stock available, the stock that needs to be delivered to the client, stock that needs to be refilled etc.

Costs charged to the clients are also managed in a proper way by the logistic company. There are automated reminders set up for the customers to pay the company for the previous shipments, they are managed in such a way that the client does not have to cross check before making the payment to the company. Logistic companies are run by blue-collar people and managed by the white collar people, where the blue-collar people are uneducated and white collar people are educated people who help to cost the clients based on their order weight, kgs. Transported, routing of their order.