Surface cargo is transportation is done by road, train or ship, anything other than a plane. Surface cargo has a low development in building new links between airport and surface cargo.  E-pigeon logistics Pvt. Ltd offers few services in road transport. We offer a point to point delivery, type of vehicle our clients choose to be transported at one destination or multi-destination. Our clients have their selection according to their ease and we provide the required logistics services There are different sizes of container movements that hold a different amount of weight, where the smallest container will hold up to 750 kgs of weight.

Our clients can also choose if they would need a Full Truckload vehicle or a Partly Truckload vehicle according to the size of their order. We also offer express delivery services to our clients. Full Truckload would carry only one client’s order at a time but in Partly Truckload there can be multiple clients order to be carried from point to point. In both the options, we charge our customers accordingly. Larger items like boxes are considered as a parcel or ground shipments. Such shipments do not weigh more than 70 kgs in one single order. The advantages of Surface cargo includes transportation of good items for supermarkets, household goods like furniture, art or some similar items, automobiles, letters in bulk order etc. They can be delivered on the same day or some might even take few days to deliver as per the order quantity and weight. Generally surface cargo delivery option is a trade between business to customer (B2C).